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Who Typically Gets Dentures?

dentures tacoma washingtonThere are two groups of people who get dentures – those who are missing all of their teeth or those who are missing one or more teeth. There’s a number of issues that come into play when missing a couple of teeth and especially missing all of them. The purpose of dentures is not only to improve the aesthetic of the smile but also the functionality of it.

It can be a very debilitating feeling to not be able to eat the foods you want, to not want to smile in pictures, or to even have your speech impaired due to the loss of teeth. We believe that everyone should love the smile they’re in and have full functionality. Read on to learn what you need to know when considering this type of replacement teeth.

How Do I Know Which Kind I Need?

The two most common types of dentures are Partial one and Full ones.

Partial Dentures – Like we mentioned above, this type of denture is for patients who are missing only one tooth or multiple teeth. These are carefully designed to look like and blend in with your remaining natural teeth, however, they are actually easily removable.

It’s quite important to get replacement teeth even if you’re only missing a single tooth. Why is this? When you’re missing a tooth, the surrounding teeth will begin to start to fill in the gap where the tooth no longer remains. Once those teeth start to move, it affects the teeth surrounding them and it can be a domino effect of moving the smile out of place. It not only affects the teeth but also the jawbone and facial muscles as well. Getting a replacement tooth or teeth will help to keep everything upheld in it’s proper position.

Full Dentures – This type of denture is designed to replace all of the teeth that are missing on a gum line. This may be all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth or they may only need it for either the top gum line or the bottom gum line. It’s usually a plastic base that is specifically made to resemble the natural gums. The actual teeth may be plastic or made out of porcelain.

Our dentist will do their absolute best to craft dentures that look and fit as naturally as possible. There’s two ways in which dentures can be held in place inside the mouth. A very common way is with some type of adhesive that seals the base to the natural gum line. Dentures can also be place on top of dental implants to be held in as well. The dental implant route is going to be a much more extensive and costly procedure and won’t be a fit for everyone.

Same Day Dentures – These are also known as Immediate Dentures. This is a very appealing option for patients who are having a procedure to have all of their teeth extracted. It’s extremely inconvenient to be completely without teeth until the tooth extraction heals.

With same day dentures, a dentist will put the dentures in directly after the removal of the natural teeth. This means that they can be worn during the healing process, however, things may move around a bit during the healing and the set may need to be adjusted afterwards.

What is the Main Difference

The primary difference between regular dentures (full or partial) and same day dentures (immediate) is when the molds are made. With regular dentures the mold is made in the oral cavity after all the teeth have been removed and the healing has taken place, therefore, it’s a perfect fit when you receive them and doesn’t need adjusting.

With same day dentures, the mold is made before the teeth are extracted. This means that once the healing process is complete, there may be some adjustments that need to be made. Immediate ones may cost a bit more than regular ones as well – but many are willing to pay the price to not have to go any amount of time without their teeth.

Are They Difficult to Care For?

Regardless of what type of dentures you decide to go with – they all need to be specially cared for. They are not designed to last forever and typically will need to be replaced after a few years, but the better care you take of them, the longer they will last.

You want to create a daily cleaning routine, exactly the same as you would have for your real teeth. We recommend removing them at night while you’re sleeping to give your gums a rest. Not only that, but if they soak over night then you have a fresh pair to put in first thing in the morning. There’s a number of cleaning solutions that you can choose from our dentists will also be happy to recommend some of their nonabrasive favorites.

The soaking will help to remove stains and plaque buildup but you’re also going to want to brush them. We always recommend using a soft bristled toothbrush so as not to cause any type of damage. When you’re not wearing them, let them soak in a glass of water. This will prevent them from getting too dried out and also helps them keep their specially designed shape.

How Often Do They Need to be Replaced?

On average patients will have their dentures replaced every 5 to 10 years. Much of that time frame is very dependent on how well you care for them. The better the care, the more longevity they’ll have. Always be careful to handle your dentures with the utmost care. If they’re dropped, they can very well chip or break.

What Do Dentures Cost?

Much of the pricing will be dependent on what type of dentures you’re getting and the factors that go into that. Usually they cost quite a bit less than a solution like dental implants. However, you should still consider the lifetime value of purchasing cleaners and adhesives and a possible replacement set.

Our dentists and staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right dentures in Tacoma, Washington.

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