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When it comes to an emergency dental situation no one wants to wait through the weekend to contact and receive proper care from a dentist. Tacoma, Washington Emergency Dental Care Center is the one to call (253-449-1365) when you need immediate dental care. We’re open on Saturday and our 24 hour emergency dentist is here for you.

Contact Us For An Emergency Dental Appointment

Never wait around when it comes to your oral health. We want you to call us as right away, even if you don’t know if it’s serious enough for emergency dental care. We actually handle all types of dental services and we pride ourselves on having the best dentist in Tacoma.

If you contact our Tacoma, WA Dental Office emergency room, we’ll arrange to have you seen by our emergency dental care team.

It’s important to bring the following with you to our Tacoma Dental Office, especially if you’re a new patient, so that we can you back and have your dental emergency taken care of as quickly as possible.

Bring an ID

Bring your Insurance Card

If you’re a new patient, please bring any previous X-Rays or documents if applicable

Some Common Dental Emergencies

Our expert dental care team will handle any type of urgent oral health situation but listed below are a few of the most common:

emergency dentist tacomaHaving a Tooth Knocked Out – This also includes chipped or broken teeth. Often times this situation is quite frightening and an unpleasant experience but don’t worry, this CAN be fixed.

At Crown or Filling Came Out – There’s a couple of things that might cause this to happen, mostly just natural wear within your mouth over time but go ahead and let us fix it for you as soon as possible.

An Accident or Injury – Accidents happen and too often our teeth break the fall. Contact our dental emergency room and we’ll get you in immediately.

Extraction – Infections, tooth decay, disease – there’s several reasons a tooth may need to be removed. Sometimes removal provides instant relief.

Experiencing a Toothache – Severe tooth pain often comes on suddenly and can be debilitating. We’ll find the source of the pain and take care of it for you.

Needs Dentures Repaired – It’s super common to drop your dentures and have them chip or break. Come on in and get that fixed so that you can have your full functionality back.

Emergency Dentist Tacoma, WA Handles All Your Oral Health Needs

We’re more than just your emergency dentist in Tacoma, WA. That means you can come in to see us for more than just dental emergencies. Our dentists are experienced in caring for the oral health of pediatric and adult patients. Please call and schedule a consultation to visit us for any of your common dental needs.

Preventative Checkups – These are your regular checkups and teeth cleanings. These may not be required but it’s always best to stay ahead of any oral health issues.

Crowns and Fillings – Most people get a cavity at some point in their life or need a filling to repair a broken or cracked tooth. You can call us anytime for these common procedures.

Replacement Teeth – Implants and dentures are two of the most common solutions to replace a tooth or multiple teeth. We offer many types of both and can fit you for the right solution.

Cosmetic Dentistry / Orthodontist – With the help of cosmetic dentistry, you can improve your smile and have a smile you’re proud of. We offer several cosmetic dentistry options, including clear aligners, braces, teeth whitening, veneers, as well as other dental services.

Root Canal – This is the opposite of replacement teeth. With root canals we will try to remove the infection in your tooth and save the natural tooth.

Dental Bridges – A bridge is a custom made tooth or teeth that fill the space where the teeth are missing. We’ll restore your bite while keeping the natural shape of your face. An implant may also be a great option.

Types of Oral Surgery – There’s many reasons that a dentist may require that you undergo oral surgery. It could be having dental implants put it or if a dentist needs to perform surgery on an actual tooth or the jaw. This also includes tooth extractions to remove diseased or infected teeth.

Treatment Gum Disease – Diseases in the gum tissue, such as Periodontitis, can cause many issues. These issues can lead to infection and tooth loss. Gum disease is quite serious as it can eve spread down into the jaw or in even more serious cases, spread to the heart and lungs. Typically gum disease can be prevented, but if it’s already present, it’s imperative that you let an experienced dentist treat it for you.

Dental Cosmetics – We offer all types of cosmetic dentistry options. A few of the main ones would be in office and at home teeth whitening services, veneers, straightening of teeth, ect.

The services listed above are only a few of the many that we can provide you with.

We Strive to be the Most Affordable Dental Tacoma Office

affordable dental tacomaHaving access to affordable dental care is so very important for every patient. Our emergency dental care Tacoma Clinic believes that good dental care isn’t a luxury but a basic need. Whether its a a dental emergency or general dentistry, everyone should be able to have their dental needs met, at an affordable cost. At our office, financing options are available and we are able to accept most insurances.

We love and appreciate our repeat customers and our doors are always open for accepting a brand new patient at any time. Please call us, even if it’s after hours, for any oral health questions or needs that you have. We would love to service you and your family for all your dental appointments.

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